02-10-2014 Trading Journal

The market was basically neutral today.

On the other hand, I had a good day!

$KNDI gapped higher due to China extending its EV subsidy program past 2015.  This will bold well for $KNDI ’cause the car sharing program can continue to expand with lower cost EV as an incentive.  I believe we are still at the beginning stage of $KNDI upward direction; thus, I’m holding and riding the roller coaster that bends to the upside.


Price broke thru the consolidation range but closed below it.  Let’s see if price can take out the previous high of $15.39 this week.

$CERS, $SEED, $TINY, and $ATOS all bounced today.





If $ATOS continues to bounce tomorrow and I’ve free cash available tomorrow from the settlement lock-up, I’ll add to $ATOS.

What I missed was the $GALE bounced from the low $4.xx.  Price was right at the 79 & 89 MA lines and I completely missed it due to my avoidance.  After the bearish attack from Seeking Alpha bearish article, I made the mistake of walking away completely.  Oh well, moving on.

Thanks to $KNDI today, my portfolio continued to regain the earlier 2014 gain.

Current holdings:


On my other account…

$FITX was doing great today and $PHOT was not so good.  Good thing I swapped out of $PHOT last week and moved into $FITX.  However, I’ve to be prepared for a volatile sessions on $FITX since it will be awhile before we see any progress on the production facility in Canada.  I’m ready for it.


Look at the beautiful uptrend chart.  Will there be a correction soon or will price continue to head higher?  This is why speculating is so much fun since it requires you to look forward to the next day!

My 2 cents.

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