02-03-2014 Trading Journal

Oop, in just about two weeks plus some, the market gave back all the gain made in the last three months.


But  I think we’ve found support.  See how price is now right at the Fib 50% retracement as well as the support from mid-Sept of last year.  So far, after hour SP is bouncing, let’s see if the bounce can continue tomorrow.

In the morning, sensing that the market was not well, I needed to unload some position to raise cash so I could buy the blood later.  I started to sell some more $SEED and some $CERS.

Later in the day when $SEED started to bounce from the low of $1.81, I bought some back at $1.85.

I’ve been eyeing $INO and was waiting for it to drop like everyone else so i could buy some cheaper; but price was holding very well at the $1.45 and would not go below that.  Finally, I gave in and bought some under $2.50.

I was also looking to buy back some $ATOS and when price hit the 79 MA line, I began to hit the buy button.


Despite the down day, price is till trading in the supporting range established in the last two months.

Another blood I wanted to buy was $GOGO.  When price hit the support line (blue line), price was right around the fib 61.8% retracement zone.


Needless to say, I bought some looking for a bounce.  I believe its coming earning report will beat expectation.

While I was able to buy some bloods today, my long-term hold positions were getting hit.  LRAD and KNDI both took my portfolio down quite a bit.  But the good news is that I’m still a bit over breakeven for the year.  In other words, my port had not turned negative yet; but I’ll be at the mercy of the market tomorrow.

Current holdings:


Despite a big down day today, the shining light is my $PHOT position in my other port.


Price had broken out of the resistance of $.32 and closed higher.





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