01-27-2014 Trading Journal

The market was down today but settled right on the major support areas.


See how the price closed directly on the blue support line and the 79 & 89 MA lines?  If price bounces from here, there is a good chance we are going back up.

$GALE traded below Friday low and I sold to take my small losses.  Good thing I did ’cause price fell apart after I sold.


See how price bounces off the support (blue line) near  $4.7x area?  I’m definitely looking to buy back at the low $5 area when cash is free up.

$KNDI continued to correct but somehow I wasn’t worried at all.


Price did bounce off the $11 support.  If you look at the chart, price closed only a bit below the consolidation range.  I can see it climbs back into the range tomorrow or later this week.  Still holding long and strong.

$KGJI was the shining star today when everyone else were down.


Price actually closed back above the support line which was encouraging.

$ATOS could not continue the rally so I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one.


Price closed right on the 15 MA line.  Since I did not spend too much time on research $ATOS, my conviction is not solid; thus, If price takes out Friday low, I may have to cut and run.

Currently, I’ve three positions that I will not attempt to market-time (aka swing trade); $LRAD, $KNDI, and $KGJI.  I’ve absolutely full conviction on this three stocks for long-term gain so I’m not going to trade these.

Current holdings:


Worthy to mention:

$PHOT, against the herd, climbed higher today!


My 2 cents.

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