01-14-2014 Trading Journal

It was a nice recovery after yesterday big down day.  The last thing any investor want to see is a follow-thru from yesterday down day; so today is a godsend.

$GALE made new high at the open but it was downhill from there.  Ever since price had jumped from $4 to today high, there had not been a decent correction as of yet and my internal alarm began to advocate caution to lock in profit.


From the 5m chart, after price took out the lower opening range, I began to pay close attention to the price action.  When price tried to reach the lower opening range and failed; that was my cue to take profit.  I still believe in the long-term prospect of $GALE so I’m looking to buy the shares back cheaper if possible.

$AMRN had a crisis of confidence today when price couldn’t hold above $2.20 coming into Jan. 15th FDA decision on SPA reinstatement.  Seeing that price was taking out the low of the last three days, I decided to sell my remaining shares to lock in profit from my $1.6x entry last year.


For whatever reason, FDA seemed reluctant to allow $AMRN to expand Vascepa labeling without the Reduce-it trial result.  Can FDA overcome their reluctance to allow reinstatement of the SPA?  Somehow, price action today caused me to have second thought.  Although I lost quite a bit of money speculating in $AMRN from the last two year, I had already recovered my losses from gains of other stocks; thus, I don’t need to push for $AMRN to recover my losses.  This mentality allowed me to sell my shares before tomorrow decision.

I added to $CERS today ’cause price did not fall below yesterday low.


I believe price will continue to head higher in anticipation of FDA approval of its blood purification system.

$XONE was getting killed today by $SSYS; not only that, $XONE was halt for trading by day close and after hour already reflected even further downdraft.


Pretty much all the unrealized gain $XONE worked so hard for the last three weeks just vanished in the space of two days.  Perhaps, I need to rethink the idea of $XONE as a long-term hold.  I’m going to see if there is a bounce tomorrow morning; if not, I may just take my small losses (coming from a large unrealized gain) and move on.

After selling out of $GALE and $AMRN to lock in profit, I found another stock that seemed to be calling my name when I glanced over the chart.  I came upon $SEED in one of  The Fly’s post.  I like $SEED for its essential presence in China and the fact that they are specializing in GM seeds as well.  GM as in genetically modified seeds.  Fundamentally speaking, I believe China has no choice but to allow more GM crops to feed its massive population.  GM crops are less susceptible to insects and diseases so that productivity increases during harvest time.  For some reason, I’ve a hint that 2014 may be the year for GM crops; thus my interest in buying $SEED today.


Of course, the green bar today near the 79 $ 89 MA lines also gave me confidence to initiate the position.

Not counting the after hour on $XONE downdraft, my portfolio was actually higher today thanks to $KNDI up day.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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