01-07-2014 Trading Journal

The market roared back up today.

The only change I made today was to dump the $NUGT trade after it gapped down at the open.  Although it bounced back to close positive for the day, I’m not sure if the upward momentum is still intact.

$KNDI bounced back up hard in the morning but by midday, sellers again tried to bring it down.  Like a coiled spring, price bounced back somewhat before close.   I’m seeing a lot of resiliency in $KNDI.  All it needs is proof of concept by news of delivering of EV to new car-sharing garages for price to keep on moving higher.


Let’s see if price can continue to bounce higher tomorrow.

$KGJI finally broke out of the downtrend line and it just needs a little nudge to move it out of the $1.85 resistance reflected by the blue line in the daily chart below.


by the look of it, I think it is ready to rally.

$CERS continued to move higher.  We may be able to see a break out over $7 soon.


I like to see price takes out the 11/29 high at $6.86 by tomorrow.

$GALE continued to move higher as well.


I like the slow climb gradually over a quick run-up when I believe in the long-term prospect of the company.  $GALE seems to fit the bill here.

Today, four out of my nine position (shown above) rallied while the rest tumbled slightly; still my portfolio gained nicely due to $KNDI bounce back.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.


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