01-06-2014 Trading Journal

Oop! Market went down slightly again today.

And $KNDI went down even more.  I was expecting a correction like today and I was sorely tempted to take profit when it was trading back over $13 in the morning.  Again, I’ve to remind myself of the long-term perspective.  I put $LNG in my vision and then $CLDX.  Then I put the price action of $XONE for the last month in my vision as well.  $XONE traded below my initial buy at first and then it came back in spade.  $KNDI will do the same.  It will come back.

After some visualization exercise, my itchy fingers no longer felt like pressing the sell buttons; instead I bought some June call option ($15 strike price) to take advantage of the dip.

$XONE did well today despite its still being down for the day.  Instead of down near 6%, it came back up to settle for a negative 1.58% only while its peer $DDD & $SSYS were down 4% and 6.2% respectively.

Overall, six out of nine stocks were up slightly.  Due to $KNDI being my largest position now, it pulled my portfolio down a bit.  But I’m not worried yet.

On my other account, $PHOT continued to move ahead.  My unrealized gain has doubled but I intend to hold for much longer term.  Like I predicted, the shortage of legal pot is far more extended than expected.  Once Colorado proves to the rest of the country that it can generate mega-tax revenues from legalized cannabis, other States will want a piece of the pie as well.  $PHOT has the potential to become a billion dollar company if it is managed properly.  That is why I like this stock in the beginning when they hired the former Microsoft executive to run the ship.

It has been a long day for me so I’m not putting up any charts today.

Current holdings:


Other account: PHOT plus various option trades.

My 2 cents.


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