12-10-2013 Trading Journal

Market had a correction day after a two days run-up.

$NUGT gapped up higher at the open and I moved my GTC hard stop to breakeven.


Price is now right at the 15 MA line which could be a resistance or support depending on how price react tomorrow.  If price drops, I may move my stop to protect profit.  Perhaps, I’ll use the 5 MA line as my guiding post to move my GTC hard stop.

$GALE continued to correct as I had expected.


I bought the support at 15 MA line with the available cash for the bounce.  Let’s see if this support will hold tomorrow.  If not, I may take my small losses and wait for lower price to get back in.  If it bounces higher, I’ll add more if cash is released.

$XONE finally had a bounce today after three down days.


I like to see price bounces back above all four MA lines.

$CERS continued to head lower.


Next support I see is around the $5.70 area.  I’m still holding ’cause I believe once the tax selling is done, price will jump back up very quickly.

Both $KGJI and $KNDI corrected today but I’m still holding them for the long haul.  Thus, there isn’t much for me to do for the day.

Although $KNDI, and $CERS had a relatively larger correction today, gain in $NUGT helped offset unrealized losses; thus my portfolio suffered only a small drop.

Current holdings:


My 2 cents.

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