10-15-2013 Trading Journal

Market struggled to climb up from being under but failed at the end.

$KNDI continued strong in the morning so I added to build up my position.  Unfortunately, due to general fear from the market, price could not hold above $8, I didn’t lighten up my position because I decided to give this one a bit more room.

I continued to add to $CERS to rebuild position.

I added more $GALE due to its ability to break out of the 79 SMA and 89 XMA support.  It also took out the opening range; thus I added to build size.

$CALL took out the previous day high and I added.  Unfortunately, price collapsed pretty quickly and my close stop was triggered.  I got out with small losses.

I also bought back more $APRI that I sold yesterday since price was able to hold above $2.

I initiated position on $KGJI due to its upward momentum and the price action bouncing off the 5 and 15 MAs.  I also like the weekly breakout of the 79 and 89 MAs.

$AMRN bounced today but I decided to stay away from buying since tomorrow is the binary event; however,  I bought a small lot of put option to bet against this one since the FDA briefing was quite “persistent” in questioning the benefit of reducing cardio-events using Vascepa on Anchor population.  Since there is no result yet from the Reduce-It trial, the odd is very tough for $AMRN to get clearance.  I lost big money on this one but I was thankful for being able to make big money with $INO as well which pretty much offset the losses.

Thanks to price appreciation of LRAD today, my portfolio ended up even for the day despite a down turn in $KNDI.

Current holdings:

LRAD, KNDI, CERS, GALE, KGJI, APRI and 38% cash.


Categories: Daily trading Journal

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