10-02-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened down and spent all day working its way back up to the surface.  It came close but no cigar; it was still under water by closing bell.

Seeing that $GOGO was still trading below the daily 15 SMA line, I decided to close out my position to take the losses.  Well, later on price action of $GOGO took a better turn and headed back up without me.  Oh well, that is the way the market works, moving on.

$KNDI did not gapped down from further bear attack so I decided to nibble back into my position.  Later on, a positive rebuttal against the bear attack from SA yesterday drove the price back up but only for a short moment.  Like a balloon without a tight noose, the air leaked and price came back down to stay a bit under water the rest of the day.  At least, price did not tank big; that was the good news.

$AMRN rallied hard against in the morning and I decided to add more to my swing trade position.  But the morning rally did not last, like $KNDI, air leaked and price fell back down but still remained positive for the day.  Thus, I decided to hold on to my addition for the duration to the FDA ADComm.  While everyone said it is going to be a binary event- yes or no type of a deal, I’m feeling positive about the FDA meeting; therefore, I’ll most likely hold on to my big position all the way thru the ADComm meeting.

I used to own $CLIR and made some nice money off it.  Now that price had come back down to low $7, I decided to buy back some for the bounce.  I particularly like the hammer formation from three days ago.  Let’s see if I buy at the right time for a rocket launch; perhaps some good news on partnership with a big industrial firm.

Due to $LRAD having a bad day, it dragged my portfolio down a bit despite good showing on $CERS, $AMRN.

Current holdings:



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