09-30-2013 Trading Journal

Market started off trading lower and stayed lower the rest of the day simply because of the possible Gov’t shutdown after the day was over.

The only thing I did was to sell my $AMRN (started off with 50% core and later the rest of the position).  The reason for my sales of $AMRN was because I wanted to see if price would tank tomorrow in the event of a gov’t shutdown.  Perhaps a misconception that the Oct 16th ADComm would be delayed would cause the price to tank further.  Although  I read that the ADComm won’t be delayed, you never know what the public reaction to the Gov’t shutdown will be like.  So, I’m willing to sacrifice my position and see if I can pick them back up tomorrow on the cheap.

I also bought back some $KNDI swing trade position I sold last week. I also added back some Dec $7.50 calls I sold last week to lock in profit.

Seeing that $CERS was doing great today, I added more to my $7.50 Feb call.

Despite my large cash balance, $KNDI last hour breakdown, and $AMRN losses for the day, my portfolio actually went up by 1.5% today thanks to $CERS, $GALE, $LRAD, and $TTWO.

Current holdings:

LRAD, CERS, KNDI, GALE, TTWO and 40% cash.


Categories: Daily trading Journal

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