09-25-2013 Trading Journal

Again, another yoyo day for the market and again it closed under water.

I actually didn’t do much today but to watch my portfolio increased again thanks to $KNDI.

I’ve to constantly remind myself the long-term prospect of $KNDI to keep me from taking profit.  This is especially harder on the Dec $7.50 call.  I’m sitting on closer to a 10 baggers here but I know it can go higher if the fundamental aligns to reality.  I’ve a good feeling that it will.

$PACB, a stock that I used to own quite a few shares but sold due to the prospect of a competing disruptive technology had an agreement with Roche BP that price had literally shot up to $6.  Wow!  Kudo to those, especially OA, who had the patience to wait it out.

Nevertheless, I’m not one to complain since I’ve done what I thought was the right thing to do then.

Current holdings:



Categories: Daily trading Journal

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