09-24-2013 Trading Journal

Market had a yoyo day today.  It opened slightly up then tanked underwater.  It then revived itself and floated above the water line.  Alas, it went out of air and sank back under water to close for the day.

I didn’t do much today but to manage my $GOGO trade by taking profit above $18 when I could.  I reduced position size down to 40% from 70% of original size when it was still around mid-$18. I put a stop slight below $18 to protect the rest of the position.  I was stopped out later.  Afterward, I left it alone.  $GOGO had a good run and I think it needs to take a breather before continuing.  Meanwhile, I like to buy back cheaper if possible.  I’ll wait to see what happen.

$KNDI opened higher and the excitement was palpable.  I placed an order to buy a bit more at market before open and got filled at a decent price since the pre-open trades corrected a bit right after open.  The fill today rounded up my investment quantity and I’m satisfied with what I have to sit on this trade.  Needless to say, $KNDI continued rally after the open carry my portfolio balance much higher.  Not to mention my Dec $7.50 call options are doing Fantastic in my other account.

Surprisingly, despite a market down day, I only had two position that was under water today- $CERS and $GALE.  All others were up.

Current holdings:


Noticed that the $KNDI price increase today literally makes it my largest portfolio holding for the time being.


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