09-13-2013 Trading Journal

Market bounced back up today from yesterday minor correction.

Meanwhile, seeing that $AMRN did not continue southward after an initial opening down, I decided to buy back my swing trade as well as the 50% core I sold yesterday for the bounce.  While price did not bounce well to the upside, its ability to hold the “fort” without collapsing in price convinced me to hold on to my position for the weekend.  Now, we just need to see some increase on weekly script to convince the general investors that Vascepa is still on track.

$GOGO opened up instead of down from my yesterday concern, I began to look for a good re-entry point, my limit buy did not get filled at the lower $14 so I decided to just buy it in the mid to high $14.xx.  I bought back 50% of my original position.  I did not want to give back too much profit if price began to correct from here.

I was very fortunate to sell all my $GALE position yesterday.  The secondary offering after hours literally tanked the market at the open.  After seeing a massive bids offering at $1.90 without letting up despite millions and millions of shares being dumped upon it, I was convinced that a floor at $1.90 had been set.  I believe there are enough believers in the Abstral (sp?) painkiller that they see this correction as a godsend opportunity to buy back in.  So, I bought back my whole position from yesterday (I bought 50% initially) by the end of the day.  I may add more if price continues upward from here.

$KNDI began to advance upward based on “info” that China had approved the EV subsidies program.  Let’s hope that $KNDI economical EV will be attractive to people who need a cheap car to run their daily personal and business life.  There are other EVs manufacturers in China but I believe $KNDI offers the cheapest one out there.  Although its EV range and battery life may not be as strong as its competitors, but the price is much cheaper.  Needless to say, I added more today when price began its ascend later in the day.

Current holdings:

LRAD, AMRN, KNDI, CERS, GOGO, GALE and 24% cash.



Categories: Daily trading Journal

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