09-05-2013 Trading Journal

Market traded up and came back down but still up the day.

I was stopped out of $NUGT at the open for small losses.  I was thinking of buying back $DUST but decided to stay away.  Unfortunately, I picked the wrong day to stay away since $DUST was rallying strong all day!  Oh well…

I bought $GALE because I like the science they are working on.  Also, they will have a new FDA approved pain-killer drug coming out soon.  This should help their finance while they continue to work on the NeuVax breast cancer drug.  As price held well during the day and took out the upper opening range, I added more.

I also bought The Fly’s pick on $GOGO.  I like the concept of being the monopoly in the aviation internet service that will soon expand to offering internet voice capabilities that allow you to use your own mobile phone to call.  Later on, I added more $GOGO when price was moving higher.

$ONVO was behaving well today so I continued to buy and buy to build up my position.

$INO continued to hold over $2 so I added a bit more when it took out the upper band of the opening range.

$AMRN took out $7 so I added more.

$APRI looked like it was bottoming out so I bought some for a possible double-bottom pattern.

Since this trading journal was one day late, I didn’t have the correct current holdings to post here.



Categories: Daily trading Journal

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