09-03-2013 Trading Journal

Market gapped up but gave back all ground to dive under water due to talk of US entering the war on Syria; but by day end, the DOW was back up to positive territory.

Over the weekend, I had decided to jump back in on $ONVO and $CERS if price would stabilize and head up.  It did in the morning so I bought $ONVO and $CERS all because they both broke out of the upper band of the opening range as well as taking out the previous trading day high.

I also bought a small starter position on $NUGT for the bounce but got stopped out instead due to a tight stop.

$PACB was behaving horribly in the morning so I decided to put a stop below $4 figuring that if price could take out the support on $4 in an up day (early opening time), then I didn’t want to fight the drop.  Also, on the chart, taking out the $4 support breached the support of the last 7 trading days.   My stops were hit and I was glad it did giving the fact that it continued to the downside for a quite a bit more.  Volume was high for a high percentage drop on no news.

Current holdings:

LRAD, AMRN, KNDI, CERS, ONVO and 34% cash


Categories: Daily trading Journal

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