08-15-2013 Trading Journal

Market took a dump today and could not bounce back up.

I was watching $NUGT at the open ’cause I wanted to go back in.  Fortunately, $NUGT opened down and headed below $8, when I saw price bounced back above $8 I bought back in some of my shares I sold yesterday.  And when the morning retracement brought the price back down to low $8 again,  I added back more shares.  By the end of the day, price blasted thru the $9 barrier and consolidated in the $9.6x.  I placed a stop at $9.53 to protect 50% of my position and was filled.  The other 50% of my position did not hit my hard stop at $9.48 so I’m holding these overnight.  With $NUGT, you never know what the next day price would be; so I’m holding this with some trepidation since I don’t like to give back too much profit.

$INO gapped up due to news driven event and I bought some.  Unfortunately, I did not wait enough so I bought at the high side.  I’m waiting out this position since I did not buy a lot like I did before.

$CLIR had some very positive business development news so I added to my position despite a big down market day.

To raise cash and balance my portfolio, I sold the rest of my $UCP.  I will look to buy back cheaper if possible.

Due to market downturn, I sold 50% of my $NCTY position to reduce risk.

Thanks to $NUGT, $CLIR, and $AMRN my portfolio went up today instead of following the general market.

Current holdings:



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