08-13-2013 Trading Journal

Market had a yo-yo day but ended positive for the day.

My first order of the day was to protect my $NUGT profit.  I moved the hard stop to below yesterday low and was stopped out for profit.  Later in the day when price started to bounce from the low $7.2x, I started to nibble back in.  By day end, I bought back the rest of my position in the low $7.3x looking for a bounce tomorrow.  Today, $NUGT succeeded in filling the gap from yesterday gap-up.

$INO opened strong but failed to maintain attitude.  I took the opportunity to buy some at the $1.5x for bottom-fishing.  By day end, I was not stopped out and I’m still holding my position.

$CCJ looked strong in the morning when the general market was down, so I added more.

$NCTY had been on a defensive ever since I bought.  After one bad event from $ECTY, I had no stomach for another one.  Especially with the symbol so eerily similar due to sharing the “.CTY”.  Thus, I sold the rest of my position to take my losses.

$ONVO had a correction in the morning but was strong enough to come back roaring; as a result, I bought back starter position and added more by closing time.

$PACB was holding well and steady so I decided to add more now instead of waiting for more retracement that didn’t seem to come.

I was watching $RVLT to see if price could hold above $4 by day close.  It did and I bought a decent size position looking for a bounce tomorrow.  I like the long-tail bar today which showed that there were buyers supporting this stock.

$AMRN made a mad-dash to the upside in the last hour and I added to my swing trade position.

Current holdings:



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