08-05-2013 Trading Journal

Market was on a defensive all day but it was down only slightly for the day.

First thing I did was to buy $ONVO and $BIOD due to strong momentum openings.  Later on, $BIOD fell below $6 and I unloaded 50% to lock in profit.  And when price fell apart and pierced thru the bottom channel of the opening range, I sold the rest to lock in profit.  I began to buy back my shares in the 5.3x area looking for the bounce.  By the close of the day, I bought back the position I sold this morning plus some.

$PACB was strong in the open so I bought some position when it took out the $3 resistance.  However, during the morning, I noticed some selling so I decided to take my profit and run before it went under.  Unfortunately, I was wrong and price continued to climb higher after I got out.  Instead of chasing it back, I decided to wait for pull-back.  By the end of the day, price came down a little bit to the 3.33 area so I bought a starter position to begin the scale-in process.  I will add more when price corrects some more.

$AMRN was up at open but began to trade below the pivot-points range; I unloaded my swing-trade position to reduce my risk.  I still have 100% of my core position by day end.

$VICL was negative all morning so I sold it for small losses to reduce risk.

$ECTY was strong all day so I added more when it took out the $1.40 resistance.

$ONVO was also strong by taking out the upper band of the opening range, I added more.  Later on, I continued to add more when price hold steady above $4.7x.

I reduced position size on $UCP so I could use the money to buy more $ONVO and $BIOD since the latter had more upward momentum than the former.

$INO was absolutely strong and I was happy to see a very strong close.  Price was up 44% today.  My paper gain on this baby is now 133%.

Due to the virtual of strong price increase of $INO today, it is now the largest position in my portfolio.

Current holdings:



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