07-30-2013 Trading Journal

Market was again playing neutral by gyrating b/w negative and positive all day.  It ended slightly higher.

$BIOD started off the gate running like a jack rabbit and hit the $5 price.   I bought a bit more to celebrate the momentum.  Unfortunately, the momentum did not last and price dropped back down to neutral by the end of the day.

$DNN was starting off the gate in the southern direction and I immediately unloaded 70% of my position at breakeven level.  Only this time, price traded back to the positive territory by the end of the day.  This is exactly the opposite play of $BIOD.

$AMRN was acting not well so I unloaded 50% of the core position in case of a landslide later.  But when price was holding well all day, I decided to buy the 50% core back to make my position whole.

$ATRS looked like it was bouncing from $4.29 area so I bought back some to test the water.  Unfortunately, price wasn’t bouncing the way I expected it to so I unloaded it when the lower band of the opening range was breached to take small losses.

$INO finally touched on $1.50 so I bought a bit more to celebrate the event.  It turned out that the $1.50 was the last resistance and price took off without looking back.  $INO closed the day at high of day at $1.88.

Seeing a sizable bid at $ECTY that acted at a good support, I added more to round out my investment.

Due to $INO stellar momentum today, but portfolio gained nicely.

Current holdings:



Categories: Daily trading Journal

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