07-25-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened lower but fought the battle to end the day slightly positive.

$ONVO opened lower and I took a stab at picking bottom.  At first, I was in the money; but was stopped out for small losses later on.

$AMRN looked strong in the morning so I bought some swing trade.  Unfortunately, price action frizzled out later.  since price action did not take out today low, I decided to hold on to my swing trade position for tomorrow.

I bought a small starter position on $CERS when price action looked like it was bouncing off yesterday down bar; unfortunately, price action frizzled out as well and took out yesterday low.  Since the position was not large, I’ll give it more room to see what happen tomorrow.

$ECTY took me by surprise when it took a steep drop of 11%.  Although it is my long-term hold, I don’t want to hold this one thru a downtrend to below $1.  I prefer to sell now and buy them back below $1 if that is where the price action is going.  Therefore, I sold 2/3 position to minimize risk first.  Hindsightwise, I bought too much too quickly on this one knowing full well that it is going to take some time for the fundamental to take hold.

$ATRS was gaining back ground so I added a bit more.

$INO continues to head higher.  Looking for it to breakout the long-term resistance soon…

Current holdings:




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