07-24-2013 Trading Journal

Market opened higher but turned negative for the rest of the day.

$ONVO could not hold its gain and price action began to slide; I immediately placed a stop at breakeven just in case.  I was stopped out later.  After stopping out, I did not look at it for the rest of the day.

$AMRN looked good in the morning with a strong bounce so I bought back the 50% core position; unfortunately, when the market turned negative, so did $AMRN.  I dumped the 50% core I bought and waited.  By the end of the day, price began to stabilize around $5.29ish so I decided to buy back the 50% core I sold earlier.  Now, I’m back to 100% core looking for a bounce.

$INO had more positive preclinical result announced this morning and price took off to the $1.35ish area.  I added another 10% to my position.  And when price continued to hold steadfastly in the $1.38ish area, I added another 10%.  $INO is now my 2nd largest position after $LRAD.  $AMRN comes in 3rd after I added back my 50% core today.

$WG opened weaker so I dumped 40% of my position; but when price popped later, I bought it back.  Unfortunately, price declined again when market turned negative.  I did not get out again; instead I chose to take the heat to see if it would bounce to avoid jumping back and forth.

I added $ECTY to scale-in my position.

I also increased my position on $DNN by 17% due to discovery of uranium in their land.

Current holdings:





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