07-23-2013 Trading Journal

Market, again, was trading at neutral with a slight negative bias.

Seeing $ONVO opened higher, I bought some position.  And when price action took out the opening range, I added a bit more.  Unfortunately, when price fell back inside the opening range, I got spooked and sold my whole lot for small losses.  Bad move.  Price action later climbed back above the  opening range and headed higher.  As luck would have it, price began to correct back to $7 area so I bought back my starter position.  As a result, I’m now sitting on a position with paper gain.

Due to The Fly’s low float list, I found $NCTY and was fortunate enough to see a big ask at a price slightly below yesterday close during market open.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity to buy enough for my size and risk profile.  As luck would have it (again), price headed higher afterward.  I’m interested to see if $NCTY’s investment in their new games will pay off in spade this year and next.

I also bought $ECTY after a friend alerted me of the stock.  While I may not be looking to buy $TSLA at this high price, I’m ready to “invest” in the charging infrastructure at this point.  I believe that Nissan and GM can sell more EV even if the battery life doesn’t last as long as Tesla as long as there are enough charging station around.  Therefore, I’m willing to risk some money for my vision of the future.

I had a limit buy for $CUTR for $1.60 and didn’t get fill all day; so by end of day, I just replaced the order to buy at market and got filled at $1.65.  This is one of the stock listed in The Fly’s low float stock list.  I like the chart formation since it looks like it is about to break out of current consolidation period.

$WG did a turnaround today but I decided to hold since the company announced positive earnings instead of a loss.  In time, price may turn around.  I’ll give it some more time.

By the end of the day, I decided to visit the virtual casino and bought some $AAPL July $410 put to bet on disappointing earnings report.  I don’t see how iPhone can still sell so many with all the fierce competition out there.  As I’m typing this, I’m still waiting for earning announcement.

Current holdings:



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