07-17-2013 Trading Journal

Market was basically neutral all day despite it was up 17 points for the day.  Again, it was trading inside its 30 min. opening range all day with a short break below the lower range but recovered back inside the range by end of day.

The only trades I made today was to add to $ONVO when it took out yesterday high and then sold all my shares when it bounced back down after passing $8.00 to lock in profit.  I was looking to see if I could buy it back from a correction.  However, by end of day, $ONVO made a last few minutes dash back to the $7.9x.  If price break out of $8 tomorrow, I may look to buy back in.

I also reduced my position on $BIOD after I reminded myself this trade is a gambling bet waiting on trial result; therefore, I should control myself from adding to my position when price goes up.

I also bought back some $CERS today since price action was holding well.  Will add tomorrow if price continues higher.

LRAD did well so today, so together with my gain on $ONVO, my portfolio continues to trek onward.

Current holdings:



Categories: Daily trading Journal

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