06-10-2013 Trading Journal

Market was trading in a small range all day and had nothing to write home about.

There were only a few things I did today.

First, I took profit when I saw $APRI gapped up on news it was getting European approval to sell their products there.  Later, I bought back shares as price retraced.  Now, I will sit on this position to see where it goes.

Next, $UNXL was down in the morning so I dumped it to lock in profit; however, “protecting profit” was a better phrase since price tanked almost $2 for the day.  Knowing this was a small float stock, I learned my lesson to dump it ASAP if the day opened against you when you had profit.

$TSLA opened down and I dumped my call option when price retraced enough for me to get out at breakeven.  Even when price headed back up in the late morning, I chose not to participate due to increased volatility.  Today gapped down pretty much was the tell tale sign for me to back off from this one.

$DNN was not acting well so I dumped it for breakeven.  I gave back paper profit due to my early desire to hold for more profit; instead I ended up giving them back.  It was a risk I was willing to take so I had to accept the consequence.

I’ve been watching $PACB last week and was wondering if price would correct today.  Because price went up instead of going down, I decided to join the party and bought a position to hold.

$CLIR was doing fantastic today; but the portfolio net gain was reduced by the correction on $TINY and $LRAD.

Current holdings:


My trades were time-stamped on twitter which you can also see on the right-hand side of this blog.


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