06-06-2013 Trading Journal

Today was another quiet accumulation day.

Market opened like a yoyo today but ended up on a positive note.

I didn’t do much today except daytrading the $TSLA call option.

I bought $TSLA June 7th $95 call to go long in the morning and then sold it when price looked like it was about to fall off to lock in profit using the 5m chart.

As I scrolled through the chart, I saw a possible bottoming of $CLIR, a long-term favor of the Dev’l.  Seeing that the Dev’l has a good track record, there must be something about the fundamental of this company he likes so much.  After reviewing the recent earnings call transcript and liking what I’ve read, I decide to take advantage of the recent falling prices to pick up some shares to build my position.  I believe I’ve bought enough today to hold it for awhile.  Besides, the chart looks like it is forming a bottoming pattern today; hence my interest in buying.

Oh, I almost forgot, I was stopped out of my $TBF position today.  I’ll see what happen tomorrow before deciding if I want to go back in.

Asides from the drawdown on $AMRN and $LRAD today, the rest of my positions are holding well.

Current holdings:



The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter


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