06-04-2013 Trading Journal

Today was a quiet day.

Market opened higher and then proceeded to head underwater.

Both $NUGT and $ABX positions were stopped out for losses at open.  It was a good thing I had paper gain on $NUGT to cushion against the price correction; but I had to take a small losses from $ABX.  Seeing that $NUGT was having a hard time holding on to gain and the fact that $DUST is sitting on two support moving averages line 79xma and 89sma.  Today inside bar looks like a bullish harami in the making.  I bought $DUST when price action took out yesterday high this morning.  If not because of the harami situation, I will probably cut my losses on this trade.  Tomorrow will dictate whether I lose more or take a nice gain.  I’ve a GTC hard stop based on today intra-day low which is not hit today.

I added to $CERS with price action showing strength in the morning.  I’ve decided to place $CERS on my position trade category due to its ability to keep bouncing back the next day after a minor correction.  I like this stock and is getting tired of going thru wash and rinse with it (aka whipsaw); therefore, I’m going to suck up any drawdown, if any, in the coming future.

With $TSLA bounce this morning, I closed out my call option to lock on profit.  Later I bought the call back when price action began to show strength; unfortunately, price trend did not last and I closed it out for tiny losses later.

I’ll have to decide what to do with $APRI tomorrow giving price is taking a beating today.

Current holdings:



The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter.


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