06-03-2013 Trading Journal

Today was a good day for me.

Market was acting weird all day with DOW going up while the SP500 going the wrong way.

I was watching $NUGT to see which way price action was going to take after Friday inside day.  I wanted to go long if the high of the inside day was taken out.  Well, $NUGT did open higher so I went long after waiting for a 5m bar to complete.  I also went long on $ABX as well.  Later, when $NUGT continued higher, I added.

I also kept a tight eye on $TSLA as well.  Price went down and I waited to see if it would break below $90.00.  Price action finally did so I watched the 5m bar to see if there would be further down bar with lower low.  When I saw a green bar developing with price action still below $90.00, I covered my put option and banked coin.  Later when price action showed a bounce in the 5m chart, I went long with a June $90 strike call option.  However, when price started to act jumpy, I took my quick profit.  I did another couple of call and put option day trades that ended nowhere so I stopped trading it in order not to give back profit I made.  By the end of the day when price action showed a strong bounce back to $92+ level, I decided to buy back the $90 strike call option to go long.

$CERS was acting strong all morning and I found myself with no shares due to my late Friday selling to raise cash.  Biting my tongue, I decided to buy back my shares at higher price this morning just so I’m back in with a position.

$BCRX was down so I decided to cut my losses when it was still small.

$AMBA was a surprise because I did not pay attention to this position.  When I came back to my desk, I was surprised how far down it went.  After seeing some bounce, I sold my shares to cut my losses.

By the end of the day, my gold stocks are still in the money so I hold them.  $APRI corrects but since I am still in the money I hold.  $TBF suffers only a tiny losses so I hold.  $TINY is doing great today so my portfolio continues to inch back up.

Current holdings:



The trades I made in the journal were time-stamped in twitter


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