$FB is screaming at my face- BUY!

I tried to buy back $FB after I dumped it this morning because of the gap-down open; but the retracement never came.  So, I did what anyone who wanted in do; buy at the market just to get in for the starter position.

Take a look at the 15m $FB chart below:


I had a buy order at $25.50 and it was completely ignored ’cause price just kept going up.   The rally is very strong and this could be a catalyst for the bounce back up to the $30.xx range.

Take a look at the massive bullish engulfment bar in the daily chart right now:


It cut through the 5 moving average and broke thru the high of the last four days.  I just added more $FB because price kept going up.

A special thanks to Sooz who alerted me of $FB last week which I added to my “to watch” list.

My 2 cents.


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  1. looks and sounds like there was a stack of buy order/stops at Jan’s low triggered, hopefully be a real nice trade for you

    • Whoa! Sorry for the long delay in reply. You comment was buried in my setup until I realized I need to release it. Anyway, thanks for your comment, Hovis Trader. I did make a quick profit on this particular trade. Please feel free to comment on future post..


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