The Insatiable $AAPL wants more!

I was doing my normal stock stalking and then all of a sudden, $AAPL blew me a breeze and winked her eyes at me.  One look at the chart and I could see what $AAPL meant.  She wanted to get high with me.

“Come over here and take me with you, NOW!”

Jeez, I couldn’t say no to that, immediately, I bought some $AAPL and she was right, she really wanted to go higher.

Look at the $AAPL 5m chart below and you will know what I mean:


Take a look at the 15m chart below:

$AAPL went over the resistance established yesterday @ 09:45am.


So far, $AAPL is making me very happy! 🙂

My 2 cents.

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