It’s all about the “head-up”

The way I see it, if you hear or see something that tickle your interest, you are being present an opportunity to do something about that “info” you’ve heard or seen.

Recently, Tpain from the Blogger Network asked me about $IMUC.  I take a look at it and like the look of the chart and have told Tpain my analysis (see below):

“Hello T, I didn’t see your comment until now. By looking at the chart, the price has been on an uptrend since mid-Nov of last year. And it is now in the ascending triangle formation. The way I see it, your breakeven point is right at the long-term trend line from mid-Nov. If that line is taken out, you could still get out at breakeven.

In summary, I can’t tell you if there is a future in your stock; but you seem to be in a good position to ride this out and still get out at breakeven when the long-term trend line is violated.”

At the time, price looks like it may break out to the downside by violating the short-term uptrend line.  However, after a few days of price action, I’m convince this stock may have leg to breakout of the ascending triangle.

Take a look at the daily $IMUC chart below:


Thus, I’m willing to put my money down for this one.  Anyone looking at it has to say the price is heading higher, no?

A big Thank You to Tpain from the Blogger Network for bringing this to my attention   Bravo!

Btw, I dumped my losers stock $PACB & $DCTH to cut loss and piled some of the money into $IMUC.  Let’s see if it will work.

My 2 cents.

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