Buying back Uranium for my portfolio

I bought $DNN today.  I’ve been watching and waiting and I think it is time to get back in.

See how price action took out the resistance line (blue) yesterday.  And today, it gapped up.  I thought I could wait for it to retrace back to the blue line but there were just too many bids holding this one up.  So, I decided to join in and bought a 3/4 size position on it.


I also took advantage of $CCJ correction today to buy back in starter share.


Did you see the intra-day (3m chart) uptrend line after the downdraft this morning?

Take a look at the daily chart below, see how $CCJ is still trading inside the consolidation range?  If it breaks out of the range to the upside, it will be a runner.  The longer it stays in the range, the harder it will run once it breaks out.


I also bought $URA today.  Take a look at the daily $URA chart below.  It looks like it is about to bust thru the downtrend line.


My 2 cents.

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