Dancing with the market (ballroom dance style)

If you have seen ballroom dancing either live or in TV, you will know that the man usually leads the lady in the dance.  Well, guess what, in our dancing with the market, if you like to make huge profit, you will have to let the market do the leading.  As far as the market is concern, sexism is not a word and the market doesn’t care you are a man or a woman.

The market only has one secret to share, “follow my lead and you will be rewarded“.

BUT you will be punished harshly if you try to do the following:

-lead the market

-fight with the market

-step on the market toe ’cause you are stumbling on without discipline

-fall asleep while dancing with the market

-don’t pay attention when dancing

-being impatient with the market

-dancing to your own music instead of the market’s

-don’t practice the dance steps the market teaches you

-too fearful of dancing with the market

And what is the simple “secret” that dancing instructor tell their students?

-surrender yourself-

Yes, surrender yourself to the music, to your partner, to the flow of the dance.

In the same token, as a trader, surrender yourself to the market beat.

And what make the market beat?

Price Action!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your dancing partner we called THE Market.  Now, please follow THE Market lead by watching the step.  Wait, I mean the price action!

Good Hunting!

Categories: Trading philosophies and thoughts


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